Saturday, 22 March 2014

My newest 14 second catch: Meet Mister Brown

Saturday night in a new town.

I was out partying with my brother. I looked ah-freaking-mazing, I wore a little blue-and-white striped dress and heels. My brother was talking to the bartender, I turned right and saw a guy staring at me. He was totally checking me out from head to toe, and I didn't mind. He said "hi", I answered by giving him a Cheshire cat kind of smile and a quick "hello". He said that women usually don't smile that way when someone checks them out like that. I heard myself reply: "I know I am breathtaking, keep looking at me if you like what you see".
My 14 second rule never fails.

I ended up talking to him all night. He told me his darkest secrets and I didn't freak out. He has the cutest daughter. I know this because he showed me a ton of pictures of her. He's separated from the mother over a year ago, so I thought it was okay to even consider dating him. I really like him, he has the sweetest brown eyes. Therefore I'll name him Mister Brown.

I lost Mister Brown somewhere during the early hours of the morning. My iPhone had lost its battery (no surprise there, Tinder eats a lot of energy), so I had no way of calling him. Oh, and I didn't have his number either. I made sure that he got mine, I borrowed a pen from the bartender, wrote a dozen tiny notes with my name and number and filled his pockets with them. I saved my phone number and email address on his phone and wrote my phone number in ink on his forearm. Funny stuff, I guess I really liked him.

Sunday morning.

Mister Brown texted me. He asked me how I felt after meeting him last night. I was hyper, really excited to meet him. He told me that he felt the same way about me, but also that he has a girlfriend. He told me that she'd been just a rebound girl to him, they'd been dating for just over a year. Fuuuuuuuuck. I don't need this. I told him to stop texting me if he's in a relationship with someone else. He refused to stop texting or calling me. He told me that his girlfriend wasn't my problem, he'd deal with her.
I didn't tell him my full story, so he has no way of knowing that I was dumped for another girl. That kind of eats away at you, I would never do that to anyone. Not intentionally, anyway. He kept texting me, I stopped answering. He texts me at least once a week, asking me how I am... What's wrong with him?

Mister Brown texted me again today. He started by sending me that picture. "I need to meet you. Next week?", he said. I don't want to mess anyone's life up, I don't want to meddle in other people's relationships. Not my business. But I really like him. And he's drop-dead gorgeous: tall, dark, kind brown eyes and a rock-hard body. Even my brother showed thumbs-up when they met.

I'll think about it.

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