Friday, 21 March 2014

A night with Mister Blue and his friends

Friday night in the suburbs.

Mister Blue and I've met a few times.
He's a sweetie, but not a potential boyfriend for me. Not at all. He finds having a girlfriend a serious responsibility - what?! - and who said I was in need of a boyfriend?

Anyway. It was steak and red wine night in the tech student's bijou flat. I promised to bring all the food and wine, if he provided for the entertainment.

Well, I brought a Cabernet Sauvignon called "Breathing Space" - I picked it off the shelf simply because the label had a hot air balloon on it. I sent a picture of the bottle to Mister Blue. He laughed and said I was a silly little kitten.
Turns out that Mister Blue really liked my style in buying wines. Suddenly his kitchen table was covered in all kinds of wines: bicycle wine, Kung-fu wine, sparrow wine, bear wine and my bottle of hot air balloon wine.

Luckily we didn't have to drink all of that by ourselves. He had some friends come over. He introduced me to his friends by saying: "Guys, meet Kitty. She has the prettiest smile. Look."

Mister Blue didn't even own any wine glasses, so we enjoyed our wine from coffee mugs, plastic cups and whatnots. I had so much fun! His tech student buddies made me laugh with weird Transformer jokes. Luckily I'm quite the nerd myself and got their puns.

Saturday morning. Headache. My brother calls me up at nine, asking me where I am. I was supposed to leave home early, my brother and I were to work out before hitting the clubs. Yeah, not gonna happen. I showered, got dressed and hoped to die.

I haven't seen Mister Yellow in a few days and I miss him like crazy. He texted me in the morning, asking me for lingerie pictures (not sure if he was kidding) and wishing me a happy weekend with my brother.

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