Thursday, 11 September 2014

Meeting Mister Navy

I found myself a true bad boy. He's 34. He is extremely handsome: 6ft5in (192 cm) tall, he has dark hair and ofc a beard (I don't do guys without beards anymore), he's a semi-pro athlete and has tattoos all over his body. I met him on Tinder.

I met him on Wednesday. I had just finished a super sweaty workout at a gym a few blocks away from his home. For some reason I managed to forget to bring a change of clothes with me, so I went on a first date wearing leopard print running tights, a sweaty tank top and sneakers. No make up, my hair was on a braid and I didn't even shower before seeing him. Guess what? He absolutely loved me.

Our first date was really nice. He took me to a Thai restaurant. We sat there for two hours. There was something about him that almost annoyed me, I guess it was the way he talked. I almost felt like he had to impress me - oh, have I seen that quality before.. Major turn-off.

Well, as soon as we left the restaurant something changed. He asked me a private question and I answered him as truthfully as I could. I guess he liked the answer, because 45 minutes later we were leaning against a wall, kissing, he was pulling my hair and whispering in my ear. I left him standing there, saying that I wouldn't have sex with him tonight, but surely some day soon. It took him 12 hours to ask me out again and I said yes.

The thing about him that turns me on is that he's really powerful. He's taller than I am and has really powerful hands. I noticed that, because he grabbed my wrists and told me he'd tie me down any time. He shared his fantasies with me, told me in detail what he'd do to me if I came home with him right now and enjoyed the look on my face when I was turned on by him. I could easily use him as a fuck buddy, but I wouldn't date him. I actually told him that, and he said it was ok. "I'm not looking for a girl to play home with. I'm looking for a personal nympho." Fine by me!

Ladies, you should see this one. He just sent me a picture of himself after working out, his perfect body all sweaty - just the way I like it. Yummy.

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