Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Leaving Mister Yellow

Mister Yellow and I had been seeing each other for two months now. He made several suggestions that our relationship would advance to the next level and to be honest, I actually considered it.

I came home from Portugal in the morning. I actually texted Mister Yellow from Portugal, told him that I miss him (which was entirely true), asking him to meet me when I come home. Of course he was up for it, we hadn't seen each other for almost a week. We made a date, decided to have dinner and go to the movies, and I was to spend the night at his flat like we use to.

We had dinner at his place before going to the movies. He cooked, again, and it was delicious, as always. Before we left for the movies, I went to the loo and saw my toothbrush in its place, in the little beige cup next to his toothbrush. It made me smile.

Everything was really perfect. I enjoyed my time with him. I actually thought of saying something stupid, like admitting that I like him. A lot. I could have easily fallen in love with him. If only he'd ask me once more, and I would have been his girlfriend for life. He asked me about my trip to Portugal. I told him everything, the fact that I picked up a random guy at the airport, went abroad with him for four days and hugged him good-bye at the airport in the morning. He took it all really well, I guess.

We had amazing sex in the evening. Afterwards, lying in his arms (I was really sensitive), I told him that I like him. That I missed him on my trip. I still can't believe what he replied. "That's what they all say." Speechless. Ice-freaking-cold.

I was preparing to go to bed, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when suddenly my toothbrush had disappeared from its regular spot - I mean, it spontaneously vanished from the place where I had just seen it. Puzzled, I went to the living room, asked him where my toothbrush had gone. He went to his dressing room, to the last closet in the back, dug out a distressed-looking washing bag packed with toothbrushes. He dug around the bag (filled with like, thirty toothbrushes) and asked me "which one was yours again? I get confused.". That was it. He tried to make me jealous... WHY?! I freaking liked him, why would he do such a stupid thing like that?

Manipulating me, trying to make me jealous, tricks... They don't work on me. Not at all. At that point I became cold as hell, went to bed, told him good night.
Monday morning, off to work again. He was really sweet in the morning, the way he usually is. I just couldn't get over the toothbrush business, I was still kind of furious. We had made plans for Wednesday. Shit. I wanted to get out of it.

Radio silence for 24 hours.

Text messages between me and Yellow, Tuesday morning 9 o'clock:
Me: I think we need to stop seeing each other.
Y: Honeybunny, what's wrong?
Me: I broke my rules. I like you. Shit go wrong when I like you. I can't see you anymore.
Y: Let me know if you change your mind.

And that was it.

Fuck. I really, really liked this one.

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