Sunday, 25 May 2014

Meet Mister Ink.

I'm hot for tattoos.

The pictures on my blog are not of Mister Ink, just in case you're unsure... That's David Beckham, but he looks very much like my Mister Ink. They're both athletes, have gorgeous bodies, loads of tattoos (love those sleeves!) and know how to charm women. Oh yeah, and Mister Ink is also a male model. [insert sigh here]

Mister Ink is a drop-dead gorgeous, blonde guy in his thirties. I met him via Tinder. We share a few friends "in real life". I would probably never have met him outside Tinder, so I'm ecstatic about that little app.
He has loads of tattoos, therefore the nickname Mister Ink. His Tinder profile showed no pictures of his tattoos - I had to find that one out by myself. I went nearly out of my mind when I first saw his skin.

We both have cute dogs, so we went for a Doggie Date. Our dogs didn't really click, but we humans sure did. He looked sooooo good, I had trouble believing it. I was so shy with him, I just couldn't get a word out of my mouth. He kept looking into my eyes like he already knew all my secrets, and for some reason it totally freaked me out.

The first time we met we didn't touch each other at all. Not even a hug goodbye. Afterwards we talked about it. He asked me to wait for it, the physical elements of our relationship would come afterwards. He was so right... Three days later, he rang my doorbell, french-kissed me like crazy while taking his shoes off, guided me to my bedroom (I was backing up all the way, because I was busy sucking his face) and nearly killed me with pleasure.

Mister Ink brings out the bad girl in me.. I won't share any details, but sex with him is ah-freaking-mazing. Quadruple orgasms are basic stuff around the house when we make love. He likes all the kinky stuff that I like, and is not afraid to tell me about his fantasies. He calls me his little nympho. Yeah, he knows his business.

Mister Ink is not just for fun - he's solid boyfriend material. He is trustworthy - in fact, I could talk to him for hours. I could tell him all my secrets and not be the slightest bit afraid of him sharing them with anyone. He's stunning and extremely good in bed, fun to be around and he's seen me in my sweatpants. I told him my darkest secrets and he didn't freak out - not even a bit. I told him about this blog. It was really difficult to admit that I write a blog like this, share details about my personal life like this. He smiled at me, said that it would be fun to be a part of it - "Just don't name me Mister Pink or Mister Peach" - haha. Oh, and I'm not shy around him anymore... Every time he looks deeply into my eyes, I look straight back and smile. Because he makes me smile.

He seriously doesn't care about my past, all he cares about is the things I do in the present and in the future. And he wants to have a sort of a future with me. Sort of.

I can't wait to meet him again.

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