Sunday, 4 May 2014

May day, May day

I'm not a very shy girl - a quality that my friends often take advantage of. I'm challenged to do weird stuff almost daily. This is a story about my May day challenge.

International worker's day (also known as Labour Day here in Europe) is celebrated on May 1st. This year May 1st was a Thursday, and I took the Friday off. My dear friend Katy challenged me to pick up a guy at the airport, catch a flight with him and spend a few days in a strange city with a strange guy.

Well, here's how it all happened.

I left work early on Wednesday. I was at the airport at 1 p.m., looking around for sweet-looking guys. A flight to Barcelona was due to depart at 5 p.m. - another flight to Lisbon at 4 p.m. As I walked in, I decided to find myself on either flight - I wanted to spend my long weekend somewhere warm (because I packed my suitcase with sundresses, heels and a pair of polka-dotted bikinis). I saw this tall, muscular guy in Converse shoes. He was checking in, looking kind of distressed, not really getting the self-check-in automat. I approached him, asked him if he needed help and told him about Katy challenging me to do something this silly and spontaneous. He got really excited about my little dare and invited me to join him in his five-star hotel in Lisbon. So, I picked up my credit card, bought a trip to Lisbon to spend a long weekend with a guy I didn't know.

I selected him because he had cool shoes and a cute smile. And he was in his early thirties, with no engagement ring. He's now called Mister Tan.

Mister Tan had originally planned to visit Lisbon with two friends. They had separate rooms in a fancy-ass hotel in central Lisbon. I mean, the room was freaking fantastic. First night in Lisbon, I was wearing a cute little dress and high heels. We went to dinner with Mister Tan's friends. It was a cozy seafood restaurant, where the waiters spoke nothing but Portuguese. Luckily I studied Spanish in high school, so I had a slight clue on how to order meals and drinks. Things worked out really well. It was pleasantly warm in the evening, we got lost in the narrow alleys of Lisbon, drank a pitcher of sangria and went back to the hotel. Mister Tan was the cutest: I turned off the lights, climbed into bed with him and said good night. I heard him sigh and say "I... I don't really date, so I have no idea about these things... Am I supposed to kiss you or what?" I had no comeback, just tried not to laugh at his face. He kissed me on the mouth, really gently, and said good night.

We didn't see his friends for the rest of the trip. May day was spent at the beach. We were feeding each other strawberries, having a great time, chilling, drinking sangria and caipirinha, chatting away on mundane things, swimming in the Atlantic and whatnot. I really enjoyed my time with him. He never really touched me when we were outside our hotel room, but after Thursday, he was just sweet and gentle. It felt like he really cared for me, he made love to me so tenderly. I really liked his style. That went on for four more days, us having fun in the city, almost feeling like friends, and lovers in the night. Just the way I liked it. I had the best four days of my life with him.

The last day I felt a weird vibe between us. I asked him to tell me stories, and he didn't really have anything to share. That was, until he told me that he was building a house outside the metropolis that I live in. What guy builds his own house? I really didn't like to ask any more questions. I sincerely think that he is in a relationship. Not cool.

The flight home was really a pain in the butt. Since I bought my trip a lot after Mister Tan, I sat about ten rows behind him. I had no one to lean on, no shoulder to rest my head on. I slept for a maximum of two hours. My flight landed at 5 a.m. Phew.
Mister Red picked me up at the airport. He had worked all night and was really tired, yet anxious to see me. Well, he drove me home, pulled my hair and did his tricks on me, and left. I wasn't sure if I was angry at him or not - I mean, I was grateful for the ride home, but I was way too tired to have sex with him... I told him that, but he didn't listen to me - just pushed me to my bedroom, undressed me and worked his magic on me. I won't text him anymore. I guess.

My motto. Thanks, Barney.

So, this was my May day challenge. Can't wait what Midsummer brings...


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