Saturday, 31 May 2014

Fifty shades of Ink

I was reading my usual fantasy book yesterday evening, when Mister Ink sent me a voice message on WhatsApp, asking if I had already fallen asleep. He keeps teasing me for my incredible talent of falling asleep instantly after opening a book. We had a short discussion of fantasy literature, I said that I should read something more exciting to keep me up later. I suggested that I'd read the "Fifty shades of Grey" trilogy next. I have all three books in my living room, I got them from a friend for Christmas. 

He laughed at me. Said that it would be a terrible idea, considering my sexual tendencies. It would be like throwing gasoline to an open fire, he said. You should write your own little s&m book, he said.

I had no comebacks, I was too busy laughing at him. I couldn't be that bad, could I? 

We made a deal.
I would read the book (after I finish reading the little 1200-page classic that I'm working on right now), take notes, pick the things I'd want to try and have fun with him. This is our little plan for Summer 2014. 

My copy of fifty shades will look exactly like that!

I haven't opened the fifty shades books, I have no idea what to expect. I've heard that most chicks wouldn't do the stuff described in the books, but I'd love to try. Mister Ink said he has read bits of it, the book is mostly soft porn with really detailed descriptions of sadomaso stuff. He said that the short bits he read sounded just like me. Yeah, baby! 

He tied me up a few days back. I have an iron bed frame, so it's just perfect for our new adventures. Mister ink is really into all the kinky stuff that I like. It's great to be with someone you can be yourself with, no need to explain anything. I never say no to anything he asks (or tells) me to do. 

I can't wait what Summer brings...


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  2. Just discovered your blog! good stuff. 50 shades isnt all that great to be honest but I like your tags :)
    Keep in touch

  3. Love the book!
    Wish you a huge weekend!