Sunday, 1 June 2014

Partying with my brother

My brother is my best friend. We spend hours on the phone every single day, unless I'm on a date, that is. I always call him back later. We talk about everything. He knows about my guys, he's seen Mister Ink (and sort of approved him, I guess), he tells all sorts of stories to people about my quest to find a decent guy and he challenges me to do fun stuff every time we're partying together.

This is us...
... but we're not the least bit romantic, tho. I haven't seen the last three seasons of HIMYM yet, so no spoilers, buddies.

He is the best wingman there is. Last time were out together my brother did something legendary. He signed both of us up for speed dating. It was one of the best nights ever, it was truly epic. I didn't find anyone interesting enough, no one whom I'd like to date, or even give my phone number to, but the whole event was really funny. I was miles outside my comfort zone, and my brother loved to watch me writhe in agony (the guys were complete idiots, by the way). The speed dating thingy didn't go well for either of us, so we went to the pub next door to unravel our minds. We sat there, told the cute bartender about our night, laughed at all the weirdos we've been on dates with and tried to make decent plans for the remainder of the night. 

Three tall and muscular sporty looking guys walked in. One of them caught my eye. He wasn't the tallest of the three, he had ashen hair, a really nice smile and he looked like a hockey player (yummy!) My brother challenged me again, said that I should go up to him and do my magic. I felt shy (which never happens) and my brother had to dare me - if I remember correctly, he threatened to lock me out of his flat if I don't have the guts to talk to the guy. My brother went to the loo and left me alone sitting by the bar. Some random guy came up to me, trying to have a conversation with me. I wasn't the least bit interested in him. It was exactly what I needed to boost me on! I approached the mysterious hockey player-looking guy, saying "My big brother dared me to come hit on you. I'm having the weirdest night ever, I participated in a speed dating event a few hours ago, and I got all these phone numbers from guys I don't want to call and and and and you're my type." Let's call him Mister White. 
I sat there for a few minutes talking to them before the guys asked my brother to join us and tell them all about our little speed dating experience. We entertained them really well, shared loads of laughs and had so much fun together. My hockey player-looking Mister White didn't seem to be that into me, so I forgot about him and chatted with his friends in stead. In fact, I found myself sharing a pizza with his best friend at 5 a.m. I didn't give my phone number to any of the guys and didn't ask for any either. 

Six weeks later, Mister White runs into my brother at the pub. His first questions to my brother were "Is your sister here with you? How is she? Can I have her phone number?" My brother is the best. He didn't give him my phone number before asking him what his intentions were - hahaha I still can't believe that he teased the guy! My brother texted me the following day, asking me if it is OK for him to give my phone number to Mister White. 
My response was something like this: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Give it to him, you idiot.
So yeah, Mister White got my number, six weeks and five days after meeting me. 

We had the best night in another city yesterday. I was wearing a white mini dress and heels, and my hair was all curly and gorgeous. We were hanging out with three of our cousins, and had a blast. My cousins play hockey for a living, so we met up with tons of players during the night. My Saturday challenge was to find a pilot - check - and a professional hockey player - check, check, check, check. I didn't like any of the guys enough to actually hit on them. I found it entertaining to be at a club, walk around, checking out cute single guys, asking what they do for a living and if by chance I happen to find what I'm looking for, stay and talk for a while. 

Oh, and my 14 second rule has become a 4 second rule. I lost my brother and cousins at the club, turned around and boom there he was. This tall, blonde, pilot guy, telling me how nice I look.

Yeah, that was nice.

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