Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Best party ever.

My best friend got married last Saturday.

The wedding was beautiful and the party was crazy. We had the best time ever, my single girlfriends and I was seated at the "friends" table, surrounded by cute single guys. I had never met the boys before. For some reason we had never been to the same parties, or better said, I had never been to any of my best friend's parties with her boyfriend's friends there. WHY?!

So, seated next to me was this funny, blonde guy. He was not really my type, he was as tall as I am, a.k.a. short, and he had a funny sort of way to talk to me. For some reason we started talking about weird dates and he told me about some Tinder date he'd been on. I showed him my Tinder profile and he was sold. He asked me if I'm a player, if I "use" guys to get things done. Noooo, that doesn't sound like me at all. I admitted that I write a blog and maybe get guys to assemble IKEA furniture for me, help me fix things around my flat and mend my car and computer when they break down. If that makes me a player, then maybe I am.
He was a bit odd, though. He told me that he never falls for anyone, because his heart was melt to stone by a few really bad relationships. Oh, if only you'd know my stories. Still he asked for my number. Before he left the party (I guess it was about 1 a.m., I've lost track of time), he called for me. I was dancing with a few friends. He pulled me away from them, dragged me to the foyer and kissed me. I just stood there not knowing what to say. My best friend came out from the loo, just stood there while we kissed, staring at us. I guess the sight was jaw-dropping. He and I have been in touch a lot afterwards. He seems really sweet.

I met another guy, a guy looking like Kit Harington, at the wedding. He sat at the same table, a few seats away. I guess I said something funny to him as he walked past me, because he kept smiling at me all night. We danced together, snuck outside to kiss in the forest and talked for hours. We spent the night together, sleeping in the same bed with one of my best friends. So nothing happened that night. We didn't sleep at all. He just kept kissing me, teasing me, until I got up.

Trust me ladies, he looks like this.
So, I got two sets of phone numbers that night. The guy looking like Kit was really dreamy and wanted to spend some serious time with me later. We made a date for Monday night. We met. I picked him up after work and we went to my place. Most of my friends probably don't want to hear this after meeting him on Saturday, but he is awesome in bed. I'm not the least bit surprised. He kissed me like crazy on Saturday night and Sunday morning, pulled my hair and bit my neck. I couldn't stop staring at his green eyes and curly hair. For some reason, I find him ridiculously good-looking. Especially when he's in bed with me, lying beside me, his curly hair all over my pillow, his grey-green eyes looking at me like I'm the only girl in the world.

I'm meeting him again. Some day soon.

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