Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer-y stuff

I met this guy from another city a few days ago. I was out in his home city, in a pub, and the guy started talking to me. We totally clicked. I didn't get his phone number, and didn't give mine out either. My cousins and brother whisked me away from him. Total bummer. I actually forgot him when writing my post yesterday. Whoopsie.

... Until I found him on Tinder.
Now he's my Tinder match, we started talking yesterday. He lives 100 miles away, in the same city as Mister White and my brother. Turns out I'll be spending every other weekend in their home city, either partying with my cousins or meeting up with the cutest men I know. Most likely I'll be combining the two and loving every second of it. This guy surprised me instantly, he asked for my phone number (no surprise there), but he invited me to stay the weekend at his place. Why not. 

One of my best friends is getting married next weekend. No chance of me missing out on that fun, so I'll have to meet him in two weeks... Feels like such a long time. But I'll have loads of fun talking and WhatsApping with him until we meet.

I asked him "If you had 48 hours with me, how would you spend it?"
He answered me by giving me a list of activities:

Bike around the city and go for a picnic
Give me a tour of the city, showing me all his favourite places
Cuddle like crazy
Go for a jog
Play beach volley with his friends
See a movie
Sleep together, as close as it gets
Go skinny dipping in the middle of the night. If we're alone at the beach, who knows what might happen.

The best thing with him is that he has no idea about my desires or wants, and I won't share them with him until I'm in his arms. I have Mister Ink in my life to rock my world, this new guy could be a potential boyfriend. I say that about everyone new nowadays, and take it back in a few days.

Summer 2014, please be fucking beautiful.

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