Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Confusion, part I


So, I've told you about my Mister Silver. He fell for me, sent me loads of pictures of himself working out, in hopes of making me fall in love with his body. That didn't go as planned, I became tired of him and my other Misters.

I didn't text him for over a week, I didn't answer his calls, nothing. I just wanted to stay away from him for a while, just to cool things down. I secretly hoped that he would have forgotten about me, that he wouldn't be in contact with me anymore. 

Today he sent me a text, asking me where I disappeared last week. "Why haven't we talked for ages? ;(" Oh, get a life, Mister.

I answered him (although I shouldn't have), saying that I've been crazy busy at work and entertaining my brother and cousins and and and [insert excuses here]. 

As I've said before, I won't reveal any of my Misters' identities by posting pictures of them, but just as a reference, this is quite close what Mister Silver looks like:

Yeah, he's ridiculously hot.

He still keeps sending me pictures just like that. Today I got four. 

I tried to break up with him again. He answered me with a weird message, saying: "Things would be a lot easier if you were ugly and an idiot. But you're a five star girl and I want you." 

Fuck, I'm his challenge.
You want him? I sure as hell don't.

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