Sunday, 6 April 2014

The adventurous Mister Red

So far we know that for some reason, men are attracted to me. We also know that it takes a maximum of 14 seconds for me to establish a weird connection with gorgeous men. Mister Red is one of them.

I call Mister Red my "Sunday man" - even to his face. I met him on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was wearing running tights and an ugly jacket, but so was he. I won't reveal the exact location of our encounter, since it would totally give me away. But let's say that I picked him up by saying something idiotic that resulted in a "Who's ya daddy"-kind of discussion, laughter and exchange of phone numbers. Kah-ching.

Mister Red is the boldest guy I've met so far. He spent a few years travelling in Central Asia and Kaukasus, doing odd jobs and even spent a few days in jail somewhere in Kazakstan. His stories stopped surprising me after a while, but they're still really funny. He tells me stories, I do my best to distract him (I play with his hair, kiss his neck and rub his shoulders) when he's talking. I disturb him because his stories are ridiculous (yet true) and simply because I have the power to do so. He's so easily distracted.

Mister Red is the male version of me. He has no interest in finding a relationship, he just wants to experience stuff with different people. I'm so lucky to be one of his girls. He's not really my type - even though he's dark, tall and gorgeous - but he sends out a weird vibe and I just have to have him. He's a bad boy, I'm a good girl. What's not to love?

Our WhatsApp discussions are soooo entertaining - we mostly send pictures of tigers and kittens to each other; he usually sends me a picture of his bed, captioned "I need you here. When do you get off work?"; make growling noises to each other on the phone (true story) and joke about next Sunday.

Oh yeah, I call him Tiger, he calls me Kitty. Surprise.

I know that he, too, has a blog somewhere, where he shares his adventures with women. He meets a lot of people in his job and sometimes women pick him up at work. I just find that fascinating. I'm not jealous, not one bit. I have my arsenal of Tinder men and random guys from bars, I can keep myself entertained if he misses a Sunday date.

Last Sunday he stated that he and I have something in common: people fall in love with us although we try to push them away. He said that he dumps a different girl almost once a week, mostly because she's fallen for him.
"Does that sound familiar?" -"Yeah."

We agreed that if either one has the slightest feeling of having a crush, we'd talk about it. That would result in not seeing each other again, which would be a total bummer. I really like this guy, so let's hope that no deeper feelings arise.

Kitty wants to play!

I like lists. But for some reason I have serious difficulties with placing Mister Red on my "Favourite guys" top10-list. We laugh a lot when we're together, have sex at least three times a night, he never stays over (I never sleep over at his place either) and everything is cool. There's just something about him that makes him "unlistable". I can't place him in a box.
But he's definitely in the top three of my favourite guys list when it comes to sex. I'm having serious trouble describing it. He just really knows what to do with me. He asked me about my fantasies, I shared them with him, and five minutes later he did exactly what I described (plus a little extra to surprise me). There's a mutual bond of trust between us.

He shared one of his secret fantasies with me.
Easter Sunday, please be here soon.

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