Monday, 14 April 2014

All tied up

Some of my most faithful readers already know that I like to experience stuff. I like to have loads of stories to tell, although these stories aren't ones you'll tell your Mum - or any person who still thinks you're a good girl. I apologize in advance - if you consider yourself unspoiled, you're reading the wrong blog.

I want to remind you that I haven't always been this way, I don't usually fuck around. This is a reaction to all the shit that has happened to me before, a phase that will pass some day (or not). 

Monday night.
Mister Yellow's tiny apartment.

I came to his flat a few hours after work, looking amazing (as always). Heels, a cute dress, flawless make up, gorgeous new underwear. He was cooking something that took ages to be done. I got bored, texted a few "friends" (Misters whose colours I don't remember right now) told him that I really want to do something fun right now or I'll leave. He asked me what I was into, I tried to be funny and answered "bondage" (sorry, Mum!). His reaction was priceless. He shrugged, said nothing, went to his cupboard and drew forth a few cable ties. Who has cable ties just lying around?!
I was silent, amused and interested to see where all this was headed.

Mister Yellow bought a piece of fancy design furniture a few weeks back. He stood there in his white dress shirt and pressed pants, winked at me, told me to get undressed (to my new crystal white undies, that is), smiled slyly and bound me to his newly purchased design chair. I need to develop new fantasies, he and Mister Red are doing their best to make sure that I have none left by June. :D
So, if you heard an explosion last Monday, that was my freaking brain on his living-room wall. I've never been tied down to anything before, so I had no real expectations... But my oh my, that man is talented.

When we were done he cut me loose instantly. I was sort of afraid that he'd leave me there, or even take a few pictures for his friends. But no, he was really kind, asked me if my wrists hurt, kissed me and cut me loose.

Not bored anymore, and dinner was served.

Just another Monday night.

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