Thursday, 29 May 2014


I think I have a crush. A serious crush on a man I met today.

I spent an hour with him and ummmmmm. I was wearing extremely tight yoga pants and an oversized tee, no makeup, my hair on a French braid and yeah... I could have been better-looking. Considering the location of our encounter, my outfit was appropriate, and considering his occupation, he's used to seeing girls wearing yoga pants. 

No, he is not my Personal Trainer.

He's really cute. Tall, tattooed and has a cute smile. Facebook tells me we have 7 friends in common - a few of them are really close to me. Why haven't they ever told me about him?

We hit it off. He told me stuff that normal guys don't tell me.. And for some reason, I told him loads of personal stuff too. He was the biggest flirt! For some reason, he didn't seem like an easy catch.. I'll have to work on this one. I love challenges!

Oh yeah, and at the end of our encounter he invited me to join his birthday party. I'm in! 
The party is in August, by the way. 
I like his way of thinking.

One of my quirky girlfriends knows the man I'm talking about. She knew we were going to meet up today, but didn't warn me about him! Oh, I wish she would have said something, I would have worn makeup or re-braided my hair. My girlfriend really needs to share all she knows about him. Why am I this curious?

I never, ever feel this way.
I wish I meet him again soon.

Oh, he sent me a message on Facebook.

Challenge accepted.

Edit: I named him Mister Vanilla.

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