Monday, 26 May 2014

Happiest moments of the week.

Mister Ink calls me a nympho. He's not entirely wrong.

The Urban Dictionary definition for a nympho is:
Someone, normally female, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex. She dreams about it, often playing it over so much in her mind that something she has never tried can be exceptional the first time done with another person. She is insatiable & always ready to play but that does not always make her a slut or whore, for she can be picky in her selection.
I'm extremely picky, although you wouldn't probably believe it after reading this blog. My guys are all extremely good-looking, they're fun to be around and great in bed. Some are better than others, though. Here are my favourite moments, my dirty little secrets of last week:

  • Mister Ink's hot WhatsApp messages, pictures, voice messages and videos after we met. I won't share them with anyone ever; they're hot, he filmed them just for me, and no one else. I want to keep it that way. I wouldn't want my friends to see all the fun stuff I see anyway. 
  • Kissing Mister Ink for the first time - he was so aggressive yet tender, I wanted him then and there. He took off his shoes while kissing me, undressed me while coming into my apartment... About five minutes later, we were having fantastic sex in my bedroom. Whoopsie.

  • I was out walking with a certain Mister (I haven't named him yet), when he suddenly suggested that we'd make love outdoors. There was a bench in the far corner of the park, he walked me up to it and suggested that I take my shorts off. Yeah, like that was going to happen in the middle of the day (hahaha, he's such an idiot). But the conversation was exciting! I'm just waiting for a better time to execute his plans.
  • A certain Mister playing out one of my fantasies without me even telling him about it. He just went for it! Afterwards I asked him why he did it, he said that I looked like I'd like it. Oh, the fantasy had something to do with S&M business. So, in case I walk funny today and tomorrow, he's what happened.
  • A certain Mister helping me stretch my sore muscles after working out like crazy. I love his big hands on my body, especially if we're making love. My inner thighs are bruised after his "stretches", so no short dresses or shorts in the weekend.
  • Dressing up for new games. I was wearing electric blue heels, bright red gloves, crystal white underwear and a cute sailor dress (and a little hat). My Mister loved it.
  • Having long discussions with a new Mister on the topic "polyamorous relationships". I'm not a poly, I just love to be loved. I don't want to be in a relationship right now, I like to play around. But when I am in a relationship, I'm the most loyal and trusting girlfriend. The best little wifey there is. And who wouldn't love to have a nympho as a girlfriend?
  • Play fighting with Mister Ink. I just can't stop smiling at him.
  • "Lunchbreak" with a certain Mister at his "office".

Can't wait what next week brings... ;)

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