Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mister Silver: the bodybuilder who won't give up

So. I met this bodybuilder fellow at a bar one Saturday. He came up to me, asked me "Hi. Don't I know you? Are you Kitty?"
Wow, that has never happened to me before! Mister Silver (I'll explain the nickname in a bit) had seen my picture on the wall at my work, asked the girl at the reception if "Kitty's available" and my last name, so he could check out my pictures on Facebook. I figured he really liked my picture. 
During the night he told me that he wanted to leave with me, that he really needed to sleep with me, just sleep (yeah right), and he just wouldn't stop. I told him that I was out with my girlfriends, I'd leave with them. I gave him my number and hoped he'd call me later. 

He did.

Turns out we have a lot of acquaintances in common. Mister Silver is a bodybuilder with a jaw-dropping hot body, and he has a good heart, too. He's like this giant teddy bear you'll want to hug forever.

He really likes the same things that I do. After talking to him for a few hours, he said that I'm just like the girl he's always wanted to marry, he'd have to see me again soon. 

I never thought that much of him. Probably because he's ridiculously good-looking, I know that he has a ton of girls just waiting for him to ask them out. He asked me out like a million times before I agreed to meet him. I went to his place a Monday night after work. He cooked for me (Thai food, yummy!), we watched a few episodes of my favourite TV show (I had missed the last four episodes and was all broken about it) and slept together. He was ridiculously good at it. Brains-splattered-on-the-wall kind of good. He really liked watching me, especially my facial expressions, when he made love to me. During sex he told me I had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen. Sure, I can believe that. :D 
We did it four or five times during the evening, and once before I left for work on Tuesday morning. Too much? Yeah, I think so too. He wanted to meet me for lunch, I lied and said that I have no breaks, Tuesdays are really busy days for me. 

Turns out he fell in love with me.

He won't stop calling me. He texts me three to five times a day, even if I don't answer him. At first he sent me selfies from the gym, showing off his giant muscles (he knows I LOVE bodybuilders) to cheer me up, casual "Hi"s, asking me how my day has been and asking me to meet him again soon. At first I really liked it. I was happy for the fact that someone missed me, was happy to see me.

Then it started to seriously annoy me. Every text from him pissed me off, especially the ones from the gym. He asked me to send him "pictures of the hot booty" (can't stop laughing) - well, I didn't send him anything, not even a quick "Hello".

I told him that I was ditching all my Misters, that I wasn't into having sexual relationships with guys anymore. That was true, there was a time where I just had enough. I just wanted to spend my evenings at home, alone, cooking or cleaning or doing whatever the hell I wanted. I stopped answering my Mister's calls, every single one of them, I wouldn't text them back, not even if they asked me a question. I just wanted to clear my head after all the shit that had happened with Mister Yellow and Mister Black. He understood me, or that's what I thought.

I've tried to break up with him quite a few times. He just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that I put him in the exact same category as all my other sex buddies, I really don't give a fuck for him and don't really want to be in touch with him. For some reason, he thought that I meant to leave all those other guys just to be with him. He said that he's ready to step things up a bit, to take it to the next level, I'd be his and he'd be mine. How the hell did he get there? I said that I wasn't ready for a relationship, I had absolutely no wish to date a friend of a friend, not seriously, at least. 

Since he didn't understand to leave me alone, I asked him to be "just friends" in stead. He was super excited, said that he'd get sex from other girls, he just wanted to be with me. Hang out, do fun stuff (go rock climbing, hit the gym together, go paddling, yada yada. He made a list. Not kidding.), cuddle and eat together. He told me that he really wanted to sleep next to me, just as friends. Yeah, we'll see about that.

He sent me this picture on Whatsapp a few days ago.. Not sure what to think of it.

I'm freaking out again. I need some advice to dump a hot guy who's apparently never been dumped before. He has no idea of what "no" means, I guess he never hears that from girls.


//P.S. I call him Mister Silver because he's close to gold, but I don't want him.

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