Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Awesome first dates


My first date with Mister Fire was perfect. I met him on Tinder, we had been chatting for almost two months before actually meeting. Why did it take so long? That's entirely my fault. He was so intensive, we talked a lot all the time. We made a few long phone calls and I noticed that he's way too dreamy for me. His perfect messages and stories freaked me out, so I made up all sorts of excuses not to meet him. In the end he sort of coached me into going out with him. He told me that he'd never met anyone like me and he won't let me go without at least seeing me first. There was a chance that it wouldn't work out, you know? We're both extremely picky. He said that a big part of his "falling for someone" is in her facial expressions, the way she smells, the way she moves and is around him. I just knew he would sweep me off my feet and I hated it. I felt unsure of myself and my body. I've never been on a date with anyone quite like that and I felt overwhelmed.

We met at the central railway station. He had his guitar with him. He looked really nice in his shorts and button-down shirt. I had packed my bag with picnic stuff, I brought a blanket and all sorts of delicious food. We walked to a huge park just south of the city center. It took us almost an hour to get there, because we stopped to talk a few times. And we got lost a few times as well, haha. But yeah, our first date was during the heat wave. We were both a bit sweaty when we found the perfect spot for our little picnic. As soon as we sat down he took off his shirt and I just sat there staring at him. I almost disliked him for that. What a show-off, that's not working on me, I thought. After a few minutes I forgot the fact that he was shirtless and could relax.
We laid there on the grass eating and drinking all kinds of delicious things. I was sunbathing in my skin-tight jeans and almost see-through top. He told me that he was really tired. He had worked a lot that week and he had been to a friend's birthday party the night before. I knew he would be tired, so I planned ahead. I brought a book. I laid there reading while he took a nap. 
What a weird first date, you say? I think it was just perfect. We were both so relaxed in each other's company that we could doze off and it was perfectly fine. He slept for ten minutes and when he woke up, he looked right into my eyes and kissed me. It felt like he'd been in my life forever, like he had kissed me a thousand times before. Very passionate.
Sparks were flying, fireworks, yada yada. I guess it was just a few steps from actually having sex in the park. Thank goodness there were people having picnics around us, so clothes stayed on. 
I was supposed to spend the night with my brother, so I had to leave. Our tram ride to the city was crazy. He leaned on me, had his hands on my back and butt and pulled me close to him. We said our goodbyes by the bus station. His kisses burned me, I couldn't get over the fact that he was there, acting like I'm the only girl in the world.

He didn't play his guitar. He said he was supposed to play me a ballad and charm me with his music but he couldn't keep his hands off me for the length of a song. No complaints here. I was actually a bit afraid that I'd hate his music, I was happy to experience the possible hatred a bit later. :D

Afterwards he said that our date was by far the best first date he'd been on. I fed him strawberries in the park. We totally hit it off. Our date felt at least four days too short. I just had to see him again. Soon.

And I did.

"Kiss me like you want to be loved."


My almost-boyfriend makes my top three list easily. Maybe that is because our date wasn't meant to be a date.
He was my climbing instructor. I knew him through a friend and booked an hour with him in June. I had this awful fear of heights that I wanted to get rid of. After 45 minutes of climbing with him I knew he was different, we sort of clicked. I had to trust him with my life, that works really well on a "first date". We had loads of fun. I was all sweaty, my hands were shaking and I was leaning against the wall. He put his hands on my climbing harness, pulled me closer to him and kissed me.

You know the feeling when you feel really small? That's how I felt right before our first kiss. It felt like he lifted me up. He made me stronger and weaker simultaneously.

He asked me out for sushi and I said yes. Our date went on for 15 additional hours. Whoopsie.


Mister Yellow.

There's a man I'm still not fully over. I spoke with him on the phone an hour ago (shop talk, I'm afraid) and can't stop thinking of him... Ah, he kills me softly.

Our first real date was freaking perfect.
I let him be in charge, as I always did. He picked me up on a Saturday morning. I had no idea where we were going. All I knew was that I was to wear a LBD and heels. We went to a little city 50 miles from my home. The city is known for its tiny boutiques and caf├ęs, beautiful old houses and all sorts of cultural activities. We had lunch at a beautiful 18th century restaurant, which was open ONLY for us, went to a cello concert, went to a tiny chocolate factory to make our own chocolates, drank coffee in a closed coffee shop and had the perfect day. He opened doors for me and made me feel really special in every way. We had to leave the city early because I didn't get a doggie-sitter. We went home to walk my baby dog. We were supposed to leave for the movies, but I guess things escalated quite quickly and suddenly I realized I was unzipping his dress pants. We stayed in bed for 20 hours, got up only to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy.

Our first date ended at the local WWII museum. It was really quite strange that we went there... I had no idea he was a history buff and he didn't know that my family had just made a donation to the museum. The idea sort of sprung from a strange pillow talk subject about weird fantasies, but I won't tell you about it.

His wavy hair, green eyes, sly smile and perfect laugh makes me miss him even more.
I guess he's the one that got away.

"This feels like falling in love."

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