Sunday, 24 August 2014

"I'm not in love"

Fuck butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I'm with him.

I was talking with a cute little friend of mine today. I heard myself say "I'm not in love". Who am I kidding? It felt almost like a lie.

I feel like I've been hit in the head with an anvil. 

My weekend was absolutely beautiful. I had a lovely night at home with my Mister Blonde. I'm slowly beginning to realize that we're just friends, although he kids around about us having sex last March. I cooked for him, we drank wine and watched a movie. He stayed over, slept in my bed. His body touched mine from shoulders to toes but I felt nothing. I didn't have any feelings for him whatsoever. I sincerely hope he feels the same way about me so that we can be friends in the future. I'd really love to travel with him. Imagine this: Vietnam, three weeks in the sun. Imagine him on a motorcycle, me riding in the back holding onto him. Fingers crossed.
Worst-case scenario is that he's into me and the whole trip will be ruined. I'll delete him from my Facebook friends list (again) and we'll never talk again. 
Let's not do that.

I gave Mister Blonde a ride home on Saturday morning. I had made plans with Mister Fire (mmmmmhmhmmhm yummy! [insert sigh sounds here]). I was supposed to meet him at his place and go for a little acro yoga session in the park, just the two of us, and a steamy shower afterwards. It was raining cats and dogs, so no trips to the park. In stead of working out he played me some of his musicI was speechless, I felt like an idiot. All I could say was "yeah, I like this. I would listen to this. You're talented" and smile and look at him. His blue-green eyes are mesmerizing, they're just so addictive.. And so is his music. I feel proud of him for some silly reason.

As soon as he stopped playing, I undressed him. His button-down shirt felt like a obstacle course, it took me ages to get it off him. But when I did, it was absolutely worth the 10-second wait. As I've said earlier, sex with him is freaking awesome. Hands down, best I've ever had. The thing is, he keeps looking straight into my eyes with those blue-green eyes of his, never looking away. He keeps smiling, he even laughs sweetly every now and then, he tells me how much he's into me and how pretty I look on top of him. He knows how to move that amazing body of his. Now, after a few more "runs" he knows exactly what I'm into, he can read my expressions perfectly and does his magic. Click, click, boom! - my brains on the wall.

Four words I can't get enough of:
"Gimme more." 
"You're amazing."

So... During the last 23 hours we had sex seven times. He even woke me up in the middle of the night. Best. Sex. Ever. I've never felt such passion with anyone. Just feeling his breath on my neck made me crazy about him. His broad shoulders, muscular arms and back, the way he looks at me when he's happy... Ecstatic. Afterwards I asked him what the hell just happened. He laughed, kissed me and said "you just had the best sex dream ever." He took me in his arms, kissed my hair. I fell asleep instantly. 

In some way I feel like he's seen straight into my soul.
I'm not shy anymore.

You'd think our relationship is merely physical. Well, it's not. Though, today he was experiencing serious self control issues when I was driving and he wanted to touch me, but not kill the both of us. I pulled the car over and kissed him, almost undressed him if not for that freaking button-down shirt of his... Until he stopped me and said that we had to hurry, I was late for a meeting with my friend. Damn friends.

Wait, what was I saying? Yeah, he and I talk a lot. About everything. We share our secrets and our dreams, we can easily spend several hours on the phone on a regular Thursday evening. 
He told me yesterday, during sex, that being with me feels like being weightless, the feeling you have in your stomach when riding a roller coaster. I'm the bump that makes his body take flight.

He just sent me a text saying "Gimme more. :-*"

How can I ever be with anyone else?

a.k.a. Bump-Bunny
a.k.a. Hump-Honey

P.S. The pictures for our wedding invitations will be shot this fall. Just kidding, he's arranging a photo shoot with the two of us. I have a slight idea of what he's planning. Something acrobatic and extremely sexy. My hypermobile hips and his muscular body go quite well together. ;)

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