Monday, 25 August 2014

Happiness is...

... Hearing steaming hot bedtime stories that usually come true a few days later. "[...] you're the prettiest princess I've ever seen. I'm your fool, here just to please you." 
(I seriously need to write them down some day. Sexy novels, coming up!)

... Letting him do whatever he wants with me. I feel totally surrendered and naked in his eyes. He looks at me like we've been together in a previous life and kisses me all over. His big, warm hands on my body are all I need. He's happy when I'm happy, he feels pleasure when he pleasures me. I have never ever felt anything like this before, and this is just the beginning. I feel like I haven't done anything yet, because he won't let me be in charge. Oh I'll tie him up one day.

... Dancing naked in my living room in the middle of the night.

... Feeling his breath on my neck as I hug him.

... "Tell me about your sex dreams. No words, show me."

... Planning a photo shoot together. Hearing him say that he wants pictures of us right now because he wants to remember us this way forever.

... Watching him play his music on my piano, all nude of course. I promise, I'll take a picture of that later on. Damn, it's hot.

... waking up in the middle of the night. There's a ridiculously hot guy sleeping beside me, holding me tighter and kissing my hair when I'm moving around.

... Feeling high all the time. I've never done any drugs (and never will), but I can imagine the feeling. We were chatting yesterday, making plans for the week, I suddenly felt a little dizzy. I noticed that I'd held my breath, listening to him and his stupid jokes.

... Having breakfast in my kitchen on a Sunday morning. I'm making pancakes, he just sits there, smiling at me. He looks at me like he's always been in love with me. I walk past him, his hand runs down the small of my back and pulls me close to him. He kisses me and I am speechless. He can't keep his hands off me and I love it.

... realizing that I can never be with anyone else and not freaking out.

If this thing doesn't work out, that's OK. I'll just keep blogging. I'll install Tinder and maybe I'll find a substitute for him. Maybe someone else is good enough. Maybe.

I should never have fallen for this guy anyway.

Now I just need to dump all the other guys. I need an assistant for that, any cute ladies up for the job?

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